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Taurus Energy LLC (incorporated in Montana) was created for special purposes & services, especially Exploration & Production turnkey programs.


Taurus Energy is fully committed to using only the Best-in-Class, E&P practices, partners, products, and methodologies. Taurus has completed thorough vetting diligence in all vital pieces of the E&P lifecycle including:

  • Exploration
  • Drilling
  • Completion
  • Logistics
  • Site Remediation
  • Preservation


  • On-Time Delivery, Whatever It Takes
  • Environmentally (Green) Safe Products
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Experts in Partnership
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Under Commit & Over Deliver


Taurus Energy’s (Taurus) business concept incubated for 2 years.  Formed as a dynamic E&P firm, Taurus registered with the State of Montana in 2013, capable of fully servicing the Fort Peck Tribes' goals to see positive drilling results in 2013 on significant sections of the Fort Peck Tribes' reservation lands. 

Taurus Energy watched the long enduring process unfold that has been the common denominator for entrepreneurs trying to pierce the market into the Oil & Gas business. Taurus learned a great deal from their sister company, US Sand, LLC, and their service company clients operating inside the MHA Nation in North Dakota..

Taurus Energy is committed to Best-in-Class Exploration & Production Practices, Technologies, Supply Chain Logistics, Hydraulic Fracking Products, Equipment and Bio-Remediation Products & Services.


Local facilities reduce overall product costs.


  • Preferred Indian Vendor

    TERO recognizes Taurus Energy as a business that possess the qualities we expect in our Indian Vendors. The Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes actively seeks out new technologies and businesses that can help reduce mankind's impact on the environment and play a role in creating energy-based economic opportunities for our tribe. - Kevin D Buckles, TERO Director

A&S Tribal Industries Building

ASTI employed more than 500 people at one time during the mid 70's. It is a 160,000 square foot manufacturing facility located next to a railroad spur.

the Fort Peck Tribes

Today, the climate for Oil Development inside the Fort Peck Tribes is extremely positive. The progressive philosophies at the Fort Peck Tribes and their governing body, “TERO”, are a majority of the reason why. Taurus Energy has spent considerable time appreciating the intricacies of this New Era of Horizontal Drilling and embraces the leadership responsible.

Taurus Energy has offices, transloading facilities, blending units, partners, and employees in Montana and North Dakota. Our employees include leadership, geological, sales and support resources. These are in addition to significant others in our corporate offices in Texas and Colorado.

We have local production facilities to reduce overall product costs. These facilities in Montana and North Dakota comprise over 250k sq. ft. of space and rail with 2 switches. With the high costs of transportation logistics, often from very long distances, Taurus has made the local availability of most products a significant cost savings.



Taurus Energy believes this authentic business model is unbreakable...

http://www.fortpecktero.org/ PROMOTING ECONOMIC GROWTH
http://www.fortpecktribes.org/ FORT PECK LARGE LAND BASED TRIBE


Taurus Energy has designed and enacted a Business Model that is based on proven experience, deep relationships, and expert industry track records.

Taurus is eager to continue contributing GROWTH to both the Native Americans' Energy Development of their sacred lands, as well as customers outside the reservations. We endeavor to usher in financial, educational, infrastructure and environmental benefits for all.


Taurus Energy believes this authentic business model is unbreakable for the following reasons:

  • Sound Economical and Mathematical Principles
  • Appreciation & Respect for Tribal Heritage
  • TERO Certification, and TERO Compliance
  • Federal BIA Collaboration and Endorsements
  • Monetarist Model not Keynesian
  • Wholly-owned Supplier, US Sand, LLC
  • Minority Owned Status


Taurus Energy wields a  obsession to find the very best possible solution to a puzzle. We never stop digging for the deeper kernel of creative innovation. Taurus Energy keeps producing more and more revelations as to the next step, next path and next partner. Taurus Energy has invented multiple innovations regarding exploration, finance and Native American appreciation.

Taurus offers a complete turnkey solution for Exploration, Drilling, Fracking, Optimum Oil/Gas Recovery, and Site-Preservation services. We are adeptly experienced in all phases of Supply Chain & Logistics for the E&P opportunities, especially for Horizontal Well Teams in the MT/ND region.


Taurus Energy recognizes that to grow, and grow properly, teams need to be built that can deliver awesome results. This doesn’t stop by just hiring talented resources.  Taurus is focused on being very sensitive to the dynamics created by teams that can work together toward mutual gain.

As Taurus grows, we are committed to being acutely aware of putting people into the right groups and helping them to be successful. We create a culture of family and togetherness, where everybody has a role. Taurus maps our values to our clients & partners. This “synergy” is vital to sustain long-term predictable growth.

The principles of retaining talent and architecting awesome teams are fundamental to recognizing that PEOPLE are what drive Taurus Energy’s real organic business evolution. Measured steps forward, with patience and consistency, will get us there surer and safer. We emphasize a place where each person knows the overall mission, and can strive to contribute wherever is necessary to see the team thrive.


We have worked hard to establish an effective working relationship with TERO groups. Taurus Energy has spent nearly 3 years achieving deep understanding of exactly what TERO is, how to collaborate with TERO groups, and has committed to serve and protect these tribes. Taurus started to do this by empowering American Natives to learn how to benefit from their mineral rights and simultaneously preserve their sacred lands. Taurus Energy is fully compliant with TERO.  Taurus has the concessions inside TERO for many green products. And this is with across-the-board competing prices. You can find more information on the Fort Peck TERO program by clicking here.

Beckoning the Bakken

By Matthew Frank


Taurus Energy has been a supporter of numerous organizations.

We believe in not only giving money but contributing to a solution.


Taurus Energy has been a supporter of numerous organizations. We believe in not only giving money but contributing to a solution.


  • Sunshine Kids

    The Sunshine Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to children with cancer. Established in 1982, we are committed to providing positive group activities and emotional support for young cancer patients. The Sunshine Kids provides a variety of programs and events, free of charge, for kids who are receiving cancer treatments in hospitals across North America.

  • Newtown High School, Athletic Program
    New Town HS Athletics

    Taurus Energy is a proud supporter of the New Town High School, Athletic Program in New Town, North Dakota.

  • MDAT
    MonDak Association of TERO's

    TERO‘s have a unique legal and political relationship within our Indian tribal governments. TEROs were intially established in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Our TERO forefather‘s resolve was to implement and enforce Indian employment preferences within private-sector employers and on-reservation employers. Their intial legwork is key to where we are today as TERO programs.

  • School at St. George Place

    We are proud to announce we are ranked 49th Best Elementary School in the Greater Houston Area! This is out of a pool of 700 schools that includes all of HISD, Alief, Aldine, Cy-Fair, Yes Prep, and Kipp schools. Two years ago, we were ranked 528th. We were also one of only 28 HISD campuses to receive an A rating.

  • Jaime's Hope http://www.jaimeshope.org

    Jaime's Hope was established to accelerate groundbreaking research in Targeted Therapy at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to help patients diagnosed with cancer to receive the most innovative therapies available today!

  • Rocky Mountain College, Football http://www.rocky.edu/

    Rocky Mountain College is the oldest college in Montana, founded in 1878. Its history demonstrates a commitment to excellence and openness to all points of view. The College finds strength by joining a liberal arts tradition and the heritage of practical training for specific careers. The union of three distinct religious traditions has resulted in a church-related college that considers all questions in an open and non-sectarian manner.


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